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Which bra is right for me?
Triathlon Sports Bras

Athletic clothing is what we do here at KAW Tri, and we want you to buy and wear the best clothing possible for the sports you’re competing in. It’s no mystery to women that bras, especially sports bras, come in every design and type possible under the sun. If it’s a possibility, someone has thought of it and that has you asking, so which one is right for me? Let’s talk about the different sports bras and what they’re best for athletically.

Light Support Bras

Light support bras typically come in cute, colorful varieties with straps in feminine formations, making them highly desirable to wear under open back tops or by themselves for training. These types of bras can be worn by some women in all sports, but if you have more than possibly a B-cup these bras will be best worn in low-impact sports, such as lifting weights, walking, and short bike rides.

Medium Support Bras

Medium support bras look more like a typical sports bra and will still come in many colors, however the straps are often in a racerback formation to allow for coverage and support in greater impact sports, such as running. If you’re someone with an A-C cup, you may be able to use a medium support bra in all sports, including running without issue, but it will often depend on the bra and how comfortable it is for you personally.

Compression Bras

High support and compression sports bras are often the most desirable and comfortable for ladies who are a C-cup or above, especially when doing high impact sports, such as running. A compression or bra with a high level of support will keep your breasts held tightly to your body, so you don’t notice them or feel them as you dance, jump, or run. These bras can be found more and more in pretty and colorful varieties as manufacturers learn that women are willing to seek out and try and try until they find a comfortable bra.

If you’re looking for something specific and can’t find it on our website, we’d be happy to make a recommendation for you!