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Tri top or cycling jersey?
Cycling and Tri Tops

The moment you mention the thought of doing a triathlon to friends you’re inundated with gear options. Road bike or TT bike? Should I wear a wetsuit or go without? Bib shorts or triathlon shorts? Triathlon top or cycling jersey?

You may have read our blog discussing the difference in cycling bibs and triathlon shorts and have a better understanding of which option will work best for you. Now you’re wondering, so what do I wear on my top half? Keep reading to understand the differences in tops available from KAW Tri.

Triathlon tops and cycling jerseys are alike in that they can be purchased both sleeveless, short sleeve, or long sleeved depending on whether you’re looking for more coverage or less, but their similarities mostly end there. Tri tops, as we affectionately call them, are made to be much more form fitting and aero so you can wear them for all three legs of a triathlon. They are typically made of a sleeker, more spandex blend of material, so they don’t stretch out and catch water when worn in the swim portion of a triathlon.

Do you like snacks and need to carry a lot when you ride for hours? If so, you’ll be more in the market for a cycling jersey. One of the great benefits of a jersey is the robust and numerous amount of pockets you have in the back to hold everything from nutrition products, to house keys, and some are even large enough to carry water bottles! The material of cycling jerseys isn’t typically as conducive to getting wet, so you’ll want to keep them strictly for cycling and bike/run brick workouts.

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