Tri top or cycling jersey?

Cycling and Tri Tops

The moment you mention the thought of doing a triathlon to friends you’re inundated with gear options. Road bike or TT bike? Should I wear a wetsuit or go without? Bib shorts or triathlon shorts? Triathlon top or cycling jersey? You may have read our blog discussing the difference in cycling bibs and triathlon shorts […]

Bib Shorts or Tri Shorts

Cycling and Tri Bottoms

When athletes decide to give triathlon a shot, they are faced with the question of what is the right clothing. Do I get bib shorts or tri shorts? What is the difference between a cycling jersey and a tri jer-sey? Do I get socks or do I not get socks? There is swim, bike, or […]

Which bra is right for me?

Triathlon Sports Bras

Athletic clothing is what we do here at KAW Tri, and we want you to buy and wear the best clothing possible for the sports you’re competing in. It’s no mystery to women that bras, especially sports bras, come in every design and type possible under the sun. If it’s a possibility, someone has thought […]