FIRE Intro

What did you spend money on last weekend? Do you remember? Was it a mindless trip to Costco or Target?

 I mentioned the latter two stores, because I think we’ve all heard a co-worker or friend at some point say, “I can’t go into a ________ store without spending more than I planned!” Or “I always spend at least $150 at that store!”

 I think we have all been there at some point. You walked into a store with a list and a plan, but then you realized that Susie needs a birthday gift for that party she was invited to on Friday. There’s another $30 to buy the latest Barbie or board game. (Is it just me or have board games become insanely expensive?! Ha!) I feel like we always find other food items that look really good, or we want to try, and that adds $5 here and another $5 there, as well. Maybe you need some tips on how not to blow the budget? Or what you can do to save money in other areas to make up for the “surprise purchases”?

 Join me on a journey through every topic under the sun, such as budgeting, minimalism, how early retirees can deal with healthcare (I get this question often, because have you heard how American healthcare is handled? Sheesh!), frugality, investing, your 401k, H.S.A. or H.R.A., etc. I’m happy to answer reader questions, as well! Should you buy the house? Should you take out a HELOC? How do you decide what to do? Let’s find out.

 Let’s start running toward the FIRE (financial independence; retire early)!                                                                                                     

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